Back in the saddle again!

Because I’ve been doing this off and on since January of 2008, because I want to document this lovely phase of newlywed life we’re living (not to mention the house we’re renovating), because I’m a writer and have an inborn need to write and share things, because I have in-laws and family and friends spread out across the country, and because I think of blog posts and things I want to share every day, I know that it is time to start blogging again!

After a long blogging hiatus I always feel a little sheepish when I start up again. Especially now, since there are a lot of catch-up posts that I want to do (house projects, road trips, adventures, and milestones from the last several months). But if you don’t celebrate the beautiful things in life and remember them, then it’s like they didn’t happen. So here’s to my best efforts to start documenting those things again—I have to start somewhere!

Lazy Christmas vacation morning in Ventura.

Lazy Christmas vacation morning in Ventura. Just keeping it real.

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