I am a dirty hippie.

I haven’t shampooed my hair since the 7th of June. It’s true. More than four months. I just rinse it with baking soda once or twice a week and then follow up with apple cider vinegar as a detangler. You should all try it. Here are four good reasons why:

1. After a few weeks of not washing your hair, it stops getting greasy. Since you don’t strip the natural oils from your scalp by shampooing it, it stops producing so much oil.

2. Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfates, which are probably bad for you. And definitely bad for the earth.

3. It makes taking care of your hair so much easier and faster. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

4. When the end of the world comes and we’re all living off the canned chili and buckets of wheat in our food storage, you probably won’t be able to go buy shampoo, will you? Make the adjustment now.