Whoa! We’re halfway there! Whoa-OH! Livin’ on a prayer!

On Thursday, 29 September, I completed NINE MONTHS in the mission.

Nine months.

Nine months as a missionary.

And I love it! I am the happiest I´ve ever been. I feel like I never want to go back home. But don´t worry, I will. Ja ja ja.

What happened this week? Well, one of our most promising baptismal candidates got arrested. Man, I hate when my investigators get arrested. But at least here they don´t get deported from the country, like in Salt Lake City South.

What else? GENERAL CONFERENCE! Thanks to Heavenly Father and his help, we were able to bring five investigators to General Conference.

I love how in the very first talk in conference, the Misión Argentina Córdoba was mentioned! Just like in the last conference. Because we´re preparing the people of Córdoba for a temple, we are doing an important work here in the MAC. Also, did you know that Elder D. Todd Christofferson served his mission here in Córdoba and Elder Richard G. Scott was mission president?

On 7 August I while in Bell Ville, I wrote these words in my journal: “Youth have to get involved in missionary work. It is the future of temple work, and the Church, and the youth.” I was absolutely delighted to hear Elder Bednar reveal that the Lord´s will is exactly that: that youth will use their technological prowess to build up the kingdom by participating in family history work. I´m excited to see what the future holds with lds.org/familyhistoryyouth .

Some of my favorite conference moments were:

New temples announced! Including our own Provo Tabernacle Temple!
Elder Scott reminding us to immerse ourselves in the Book of Mormon
Elder Clayton bear witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is indeed the stone cut out of the mountains without hands; it will indeed fill the whole earth.
Elder Andersen declare the importance of bearing and raising children
President Uchtdorf reminding us that feelings of loneliness and despair cannot last forever, and that the Lord is ever mindful of us
Sister Dalton proclaim the incredible influence for good daddies can have on their daughters
Elder Cornish remind me to have more meaningful prayer

…Just to name a few.

Something that is very precious to me is the testimony that I have gained for myself, while on my mission, that Thomas S. Monson is indeed a prophet of God. I know that he holds the keys to the gathering of Israel, or missionary work and temple building. How I love being a part of that work.