Updates on Kimberly

Here’s a recent email from Kimberly:

“We had our first baptism in Argentina this week! A brother and a sister, Sebastian and Roxana. They are pretty cool–both super shy but I guess two days before I got here they went to the baptism of their cousin Veronica and just decided that they wanted to be baptized! So we have been teaching Roxana since I got here. (Sebastian was taught by the elders because he felt more comfortable with them.) But the baptism was great and I feel so blessed to have already witnessed a baptism in Argentina.

The other day I was eating canalonis (Italian pancakes wrapped around meat with sauce on top–pretty good) and I found a cockroach in mine. It was pretty gross. This elder traded me plates and then I ate his canalonis and he ate the cockroach one.

My mission president, President Salas, is so cool. We had our zone conference this week (the first one in my mission! Woot!) and my mission president´s talk was all about the gathering of Israel and about how are job is to gather scattered Israel to help them realize their blessings in the Abrahamic covenant. So cool. Then my mission president´s wife gave a talk all about the power of our thoughts and quoted As a Man Thinketh (in Spanish, of course), and the whole thing was so cool. I feel so blessed by the Lord to have been given a mission president who fits so well. Also, I am working really hard at controlling my thoughts, being positive, and trying to enjoy life in the moment. I miss you all like crazy and it gets me pretty bad if I let it–so every moment I am trying to choose really consciously to be happy.

I witnessed my first robbery in Argentina. It was pretty traumatizing. These two kids on a moto robbed this 50-something year-old woman of her bag. Apparently that kind of thing happens all the time.

Being a missionary is good. We found this woman, Patricia, who had just recently moved with her two young daughters from Salta and had been feeling pretty alone. I know that the gospel can bless her life, and I know that she felt the Spirit when I contacted her. Now I just hope that she chooses continue learning about the gospel.

My companion is pretty cool. We have had some arguments but we have a ton in common and have fun together.

🙂 Kimberly”

I found out that DearElder.com is the fastest way to get a paper letter to her. Apparently snail-mail is supposed to take MONTHS. But I don’t know how DearElder works yet, so you’re on your own.

Finally in Argentina!

Though it was nice to be serving and not stuck in the MTC drinking chocolate milk, Kimberly is glad to finally be in Argentina! No news yet except her mailing address:

Sister Kimberly Gail Brown
Argentina Córdoba Mission
Gay Lussac 5270, Villa Belgrano
Apartado Postal No 49- X5009 ZAA
C.C. 17 Suc 9

If you want to send pouch mail (cheaper postage)…

Sister Kimberly Gail Brown
Argentina Córdoba Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150

(Only letters that are single sheet, folded into three panels, and taped at the top only (no envelopes), or postcards, may be sent through the pouch.)

Write her a letter!