Nine months ago I met my baby boy face to face for the first time in this life.

Hezekiah is so kind and good. His spirit feels so ancient and wise, yet so youthful and playful.

He has his dad’s curly hair and his eyes are kaleidoscopes of green and blue and gold.

Every part and piece of my life is better with Hezekiah in it.


I sleep better than I ever have before with him nestled in the crook of my arm, his little belly rising and falling next to mine. All the adventures we go on–running the river in our raft, hiking the trails of the Wasatch Mountains, exploring the museums and markets of our city–are better with our little best friend in tow.

And my husband, who was already the person I most love and admire in all the world, has only grown more beloved to me as I’ve witnessed the uncontainable love he has for our son.


Everything is better now that we are a family.





Hezekiah’s three-month pictures by the lovely and talented Ashley Masters.