I love sunflowers. And my sisters.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kimberly who had two brothers. They were her best friends, and still are. But she really, really wanted a little sister.

Finally when she was nine years old, her wish came true and her baby sister Natalie was born. Kimberly and Natalie became best friends, too.

After Natalie came three baby brothers. The girls were outnumbered five to two.

Natalie loved her baby brothers, but she really, really wanted a little sister. Finally when she was nine years old, her wish came true and her baby sister Julia was born. Then another baby sister, Violet, was born. And Kimberly and Natalie were pretty excited about that. Because there are some things that you can do with sisters that you just can’t do with brothers. Like paint toenails, and dress up as princesses, and take pictures in the sunflowers.


I am blessed beyond what I can express in words. On this Sunday evening, I’d like to list just a few of the many things that make life amazing for me:

1. My Savior and the atonement that he performed for us. It astounds me that the atonement was planned and prepared before the world was even created–from the very foundation of human existence.

2. Love. The love in my family, the love I feel for good friends like Alecia, and my best-friend-brother Logan, and the love I feel from ancestors who I have never even met in this lifetime.

3. Good music. Regina Spektor, Josh Turner, Paul Simon, Kalai, Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Johnson…okay, music may be a distraction (obsession?) for me lately, but what an enjoyable one!

4. My Aunt Monica and my Uncle Kyle. I enjoy their company every time they come over, and they’re always helping someone out or doing a project for someone.

5. The way the light falls on the mountains where I live. Sunrise or sunset, I truly live in the most beautiful place in the world.

Okay, that’s all I have time for. I’m going to go read a chapter of The Horse and His Boy to my little brothers. Oh, and I’m grateful for C.S. Lewis. And my baby sister Julia. And crochet. And blogging. And musical theater. And Saturday morning runs. And okay I really have to go now.


a little tribute

Thank heaven for amazing and supportive brothers…

Who drive to BYU and spend a half hour in the freezing-cold parking lot breaking into my car because I locked my keys in it for the third time this month

Who show up to their classes tardy because I needed help setting up the projector for my Palestinian-Israeli conflict presentation

Who drag my lazy self out of bed so that we can go for early morning runs and eat early morning Craig Claybournes together

Who indulge me in late night talks that I just couldn’t live without

Who listen to my all my dating angst even though they’ve listened to my exact same worries countless times already

Who are always helpful, kind, and hilarious, even when I’m stressed out and running around like a chicken with my head cut off (a really mean and grumpy chicken with my head cut off–this happens far more often than it should)

Who I look up to in every way.

Thanks, guys.