Opening Catamarca

November 3, 2011

Beloved family,

We had transfers and BIG NEWS–this transfer I am going to train a new missionary and open a new area in Catamarca. The two Argentine provinces of Catamarca and La Rioja both form part of our missionary, but the bulk of the missionaries are in the province of Cordoba because the church is very underdeveloped up north (Catamarca and La Rioja together form one stake). Everyone in the mission is really stoked because apparently there haven’t been hermanas in Catamarca for some sixty years. So I am stoked and I am also ready to really lean on the Lord a lot in the coming months. And I am also ready to fry like a milanesa because the heat in the summer in Catamarca is supposed to be unbearable.

Right now I am in Rosedal, a barrio of Cordoba, with another hermana who is also waiting for her hijita (visa problems for the incoming missionaries). I’ll probably be here for about ten days. I’ll have P-day again on Monday so I can write you all real letters then. Saying goodbye to General Paz was so hard because I really love the people SO MUCH. And I have so many great stories I want to tell you. Also, please pray for me because I feel kind of overwhelmed, and really tired. I keep crying, ha ha. I’m excited for Catamarca but also kind of sad because I was looking forward to seeing all my mission family when everybody gets together at Christmas, and now I will be a ten-hour bus ride away to the north. But I still love the mission and it is still the greatest adventure of my life, and I know that this is the Lord’s work–I am trying to learn to feed his sheep.

I LOVE YOU. You are always present in my thoughts and prayers (I have really trunky prayers, ha ha).


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