Looks a little sketchy to me…

Sometimes I like sketching better than taking photos, because it makes me really stop and see. When my camera ran out of battery in Luxor and I was without it for two days, it was a blessing in disguise because I made a sketch of our boatride on the Nile. The image quality is not very good, but you get the idea:

An expedition to the Garden Tomb with Dave; the Garden Tomb is my favorite place to go on Shabbat

We have weekly forums when guest speakers come and lecture on various topics related to the conflict; here are my notes from last week’s forum, Dr Sabella, a Palestinian researcher.

Well, folks, I’m off on a weeklong excursion to Jordan. I’m pretty stoked, but I won’t have internet access for about five days…so I love you all and thanks to everyone for reading my blog and commenting and just being interested in my adventures here in the Near East. Love you lots!

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