Watch out! They spit!

We had a lot of adventures on camels–at the pyramids at Giza and also in Luxor.

We crossed the Nile and took a camel safari on the west side of the river to see the “real Luxor.” We were the only Americans there, and we traveled through the village and through banana fields, onion fields, and fields of date trees. I harassed my camel guide to teach me as many Arabic words as possible–here is what I learned:

thank you…shukran
you’re welcome…afwan
good morning…sabaa al’khayr

We took a boat ride down the Nile on the Bob Marley.

I made a great sketch of the sun setting over the Nile, but since you can’t see it, enjoy this photo instead.

3 thoughts on “Watch out! They spit!

  1. So, next time you are on a camel safari be sure to ask your guide how to say, “Oh my heck, that is so cool!” in arabic because I need those words to comment on your blog. LOVED the picture of sunset on the Nile but I’m sure I speak for all your blog readers when I say that I want to see the sketch too. Why don’t you take a picture of it and post it? (In all your spare time.)

  2. OK that’s enough. Don’t do all these cool things anymore. It’s not fair! You’re across the world, living in Israel, and… visiting both Egypt and Jordan… and I’m trying to clean our pigsty room!Love Natalie

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