Zedekiah’s Cave

Today we explored Zedekiah’s Cave, which is under the Old City of Jerusalem. It started out as a natural cave with the entrance on the north side of the city. In Solomon’s time, and then again in Herod’s time, the limestone from the cave was quarried out for the construction of both the temples. Now it is no longer a small cave–it is a huge cavern that extends all the way under the city of Jerusalem, and one finger of it reaches almost to Jericho!

4 thoughts on “Zedekiah’s Cave

  1. Wow, Kim, this is just absolutely amazing. I can tell that you are seeking out every opportunity to see and experience this Old World you are in.As for us, we are just enjoying the sub-arctic temps and lots of snow, pining away for Mediterranean beach cities…Actually, the snowy months give me more time to read…

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