On the Streets of Jerusalem

I love the tunnel-like streets here and the crowded shops and stalls along the way. I usually venture out with my friend Dave, my roommates Jade and Madison, and other random guys who join us. (We always have to be in groups of three or more and we always have to have a guy with us to be out after dark. Security is a big deal here–we have a lot of rules!)

2 thoughts on “On the Streets of Jerusalem

  1. Dear Kimberly, It’s funny that other people that you don’t know. Just tag along with you wherever you go. Why dose a boy have to go with you? that temple is really awesome! I wish I was there1! We all miss you! I’ll keep reading your blog. love, Natalie

  2. Dear Kimberly, It all sounds like a fairy tale! Wow! I love reading all your posts and seeing all the pictures that get posted, all though I’m sure they don’t do justice for all that you’re experiencing. I can’t wait to read and hear more. Take Care, Love A. Kristine

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