Blown Up

Our only casualty so far has been my beloved hair dryer. : ( We switched it over to 220 V and used my converter, but alas it still did not survive. (I should have paid more attention in Bishop Hylton’s Physics class.) Since it was the only hair dryer for an apartment of four girls, it will be sorely missed. We held a garbage can-side service. May it rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “Blown Up

  1. Hi, Kimberly! Natalie told me about your blog and I came here. By the way, she keeps blabbing about how much she misses you, and how you didn’t take her so shes really mad.From, Lauren Lyons (Natalie’s friend.)

  2. Dear, Kimberly,Don’t listen to a word Lauren says because I didn’t say any of that suff… well maybe I did. But you still shouldn’t listen to Lauren, because she’s out of her head! Love your (also crazy) sister Natalie

  3. Actually Kimberly, I am 100% true!Natalie actually is that winey! Anyhow, I feel sorry for you and your friends. Oh, and NATALIE IS A STINKIN, CHEATIN, LIAR!!!!From, again,Lauren Lyons

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