We arrived at the JC about two hours ago. After about thirty hours of sitting on planes and in airports, I couldn’t be happier!

Our last flight was nonstop from Newark to Tel Aviv. The only other people on the flight besides us Jerusalem Center students were all very Jewish-looking (I guess regular American tourists don’t frequent the Holy Land as much these days!). Many of the men wore black coats and top hats and heavy beards and traditional side-curls. They looked exactly like the rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof (okay, I promise that will be the last comparison that I make between the Jewish people I meet and the junior high school musical I was in). Mazel tov.

We flew over the Mediterranean and it was spectacular. I had my nose to the window the whole time. There was nothing but blue, blue water as far as the eye could see–and islands. Big islands, small islands, hundreds of islands. They were all rocky and mountainous, like Odysseus’s Ithaca. (I won’t make any more ignorant-sounding Fiddler on the Roof comparisons–but I can compare things to books, right?)

President Bush is also in Jerusalem right now. He is staying in the Hotel David, just a block or two from here. We can see it from our window. I can also see–I kid you not–the Dome of the Rock! From my bedroom window. No lie. Can you believe?! This all doesn’t even seem real. It seems like a very, very good dream.

The Jerusalem Center is amazing. The building is so beautiful. I wish Grandpa were here, because he would be able to appreciate the quality of the building and the time and effort expended to make the beautiful stone arches and the woodwork and everything else. (Did he and Grandma visit the Jerusalem Center while they were here? I don’t know.)

I love you all so much. : )

4 thoughts on “Unreal

  1. UNBELIVEABLE…UNREAL…DREAM…SPECTACULAR…We wana go!) HEY!! Me & my mom read your blog! My mom says, “Can I be in your dream??!!” Me and mom luved your blog- and we’re looking forward to read more! Wow! 30 hours of planes and airports! That must’ve been tiring! But it must’ve been fun!!! You better be taking pictures because Me and My mom wants to see them!! I miss you, lots! My mom misses you, too!! Have a WONDERFUL time!-Jessica & Aunt Heidi

  2. It sounds sooooooo fun! I wish I was there. I can’t wait to read more of your blog Kimbery! The Jerusalem Center sounds amazing (very, very, very pretty.) It is cool how the fog was so thick that you couldn’t see the mountain outside your window! That’s a ton of fog!! We miss you Kimberly and love you a lot. Natalie

  3. How exciting. Everything you are writing about makes me want to jump a plane right now!!! It is so neat to read all of your stories. Can’t wait for more!!Love you. Be safe – Have a blast!!!Aunt Monica

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